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Identifying Common Florida Sharks

Florida Sharks: How to identify common species


Can you identify the common, but easily confused species of sharks commonly found in Florida waters?

It can be a real challenge. We recently heard about the questions surrounding the hooking of a Great White shark in the Gulf of Mexico, and whether it was actually a Short-fin Mako shark. Even an expert wasn’t sure.

In the this article on West Palm Beach’s News Channel 5 web site, James Wieland consults with shark expert Grant Gilmore to learn the fine points of telling the difference between a Spinner and a Blacktip, a Bull shark and a Sandbar shark.

If you like sharks, it’s worth a read. You’ll learn something, although the photo of the Blacktip was at the wrong angle to really compare the location of the dorsal fin with that of the Spinner’s dorsal–one of the most easily seen identifying characteristics.

Thanks to for the head’s up on this story.