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Dr. Tonya Clayton Talks Beaches at St. Pete College

Dr. Tonya Clayton and David McRee at St. Pete College after Dr. Clayton’s excellent slide show presentation about her book.

Today, geologist and science writer, Dr. Tonya Clayton, presented a talk and slide show presentation about her book How to Read a Florida Gulf Coast Beach: A Guide to Shadow Dunes, Ghost Forests, and Other Telltale Clues from an Ever-Changing Coast.

Using aerial photographs and photos she took on the beach, Dr. Clayton explained the different geological features of barrier islands, the movement of sand, the effects of tides and weather, and the presence of humans, and how each impacts our beloved sandy beaches and islands.

She focused the presentation on islands and beaches we were all familiar with, from Honeymoon Island to Fort Desoto Park. Most members of the audience recognized their home beaches and were easily able to appreciate a basic look at coastal geology.

Many, if not most books about nature use examples of locations that the average person will never be able to visit to see the subject in real life. Dr. Clayton’s book uses examples of characteristics and formations of islands and beaches right here on our coast, within easy access of tens of millions of people each year.

Pick up a copy of her book, go to the beach, and learn something new!

How to Read a Florida Gulf Coast Beach front cover