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From Orlando to the Beach

I get the question all the time: “What is the closest beach to Orlando?

Lots of folks bringing the family to Disney for a vacation include at least a day trip to a beach near Orlando. But it’s amazing how many good choices there are. How to decide?

I’ve recently expanded my web site at to include an entire section devoted to helping people choose the right Central Florida beach to visit.

Much of the travel information you find on the web is written by folks who have never actually set foot on the beach or island that they are writing about. I know. They contact me all the time wanting to write a “guest post” for this blog where they intend to cobble together some of their internet research and insert some quotations from travel books and magazines and pass that off as original writing. It doesn’t fly with me.

David McRee doing beach research at Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Park, Daytona Beach, FL.

Everything on my web sites is based on my actual experience, unless I indicate otherwise. All of my photographs were taken by me, at the location indicated. It really irritates me to see content in magazines, on the web, and on T.V. that uses photos taken in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, or the South Pacific, to represent Florida. How phony.

The Best Beach Day Trips from Orlando and Central Florida is the result of me making many trips to all of the beaches I write about and sticking my nose into just about everything to make the fairest and most useful assessment of each beach and park. It was fun, yes, but it was also a lot of work. I could tell you about the time I spent nearly an entire day photographing and shooting video of New Smyrna, Ponce Inlet, and Daytona Beach, only to have my camera’s flash card fail when I was nearly finished…I had to start all over from square one!

Late afternoon beauty on Canaveral National Seashore.

I published all of the information as an e-book, for sale on my web site. Then I realized that not everyone likes e-books, so I’ve made all the information freely available on the web.  You’ll find information about beach access for Americans with Disabilities, and a comparison of Atlantic Beaches and Gulf Coast Beaches–which is better for you and your family.

You’ll find detailed information about the top public beaches in Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic side. You’ll also learn about the best choices for beach access on Florida’s Gulf coast, within a two hour drive from Orlando.

If you have any questions about the beaches, feel free to contact me via email (see contact tab above). I’ll answer when I can. Sometimes I get so many questions that I am unable to respond to them all. I can’t recommend specific hotels, condos, or beach houses, other than the one’s I’ve mentioned on the web site.

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