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Sand-Off Product Review: Does It Really Get the Sand Off Your Skin?

A couple of weeks ago a representative for a product called “Sand-Off” sent me a couple of product samples to try. The idea is to use powder instead of water to get beach sand off your skin. This is a technique I’ve heard of quite a few times but never tried it.

Sand-Off is a hand mitt specially designed to hold powder. When the mitt is used to wipe your skin, the powder comes through the mitt and onto your skin, making it easy to brush away sand grains. The powder is a mix of cornstarch and baking soda. It does not contain talcum powder.

I tried it (see video above) by going to the beach and walking in the water, then covering my wet leg with beach sand. The Sand-Off mitt had no trouble getting the wet sand off my legs and feet. What’s nice is that not only does all the sand come right off, but the powder leaves the skin dry and smooth–no gritty sand residue.

It was a little hard to reach the sand between the toes when I shot the video because I was trying to hold the camera with one hand while using Sand-Off with the other. Without the camera in one hand it is much easier to use.

I think kids would love this too.

Sand-Off packaging.

Sand-Off product packaging

Sand-Off packaging copy.

When we were kids, my dad used to bring an old Clorox bottle filled with fresh water to the beach. He’d keep it in the car. When we all piled back into the car after a fun day at the beach he would go around to each person and rinse the sand off their feet with the fresh water, which was by then nicely warmed by the heat of the car. It sure felt good.

If you don’t have a jug of water, the next alternative has always been to try to knock the sand off with a towel. Unfortunately that doesn’t work well, especially with wet sand.

The Sand-Off mitt is a great alternative to the water jug. It’s easier to store and carry. Just keep it in your beach bag or car and it will be there for you when needed.

Sand-Off mitt. Front view--the part that touches your skin and releases the powder.

Sand-Off mitt - the side that slips over your hand.

Please note that I do not have any financial interest in this product. I did receive 2 free Sand-Off mitts to try. As you know, I don’t review many products on, but I think this one is worthwhile and does help to solve a problem. It does work “as advertised.”

Find out more and connect with Sand-Off: @getsandoff